Medical Marijuana As New Alternative…

Doctor’s have been looking for a pain management solution like medical cannabis for a long time. The science behind pain and the drugs and solutions that have been developed to curb and ideally remediate pain, is inconclusive.

Pain has many sources and it is important to identify the source of pain in order to prescribe the best treatment. As pain is often relative to the patient’s own tolerance and sensitivity, sourcing pain is a challenge.

With the addition of cannabis as a pain management solution, doctors have another tool in their arsenal to address more unique cases or to help avoid the dependence on heavy opioids use which can lead to addiction for patients.

In order to understand how Marijuana can help address pain, we must first understand what causes the sensation of pain.

What Causes Pain

Pain can be generated from a number of different stimuli:

  • temperature,
  • pressure,
  • inflammation,
  • nerve damage
  • and is a result of a chain reaction of receptors and nerves throughout the body.

Once initially experience pain (a pinch) receptors in our skin send a signal that travels to our spine. Our spine creates another message that travels up the spinal cord to the brain and from their, our brain generates our physical and emotional response to whichever stimulus created the initial reaction.

This means that if there is an issue in sensitivity (sensors), messaging (nerves) or brain function, it can make identifying and treating pain that much more of a challenge.

Marijuana Pain Relief Benefits

With relatively minimal research being placed into marijuana’s medical applications, doctors have found promising results that should continue to become more conclusive. Marijuana, when ingested or inhaled in small doses, is able to block the nerves that signal the body to experience pain or block the response from the brain that triggers the body to react negatively to the pain.

medical marijuana evaluation

  • Child birth
  • Cancer – cancer pain is traditionally more resistant to opiates
  • Spastic/ movement disorders
  • Migraines
  • Surgery/ injury pain
  • PTSD
  • Depression

How Marijuana Differs from Other Pain Relief Options

Medical marijuana presents unique and promising benefits for pain management that previous methods fall short of. Marijuana/cannabis can produce similar pain relief results of other opioids and narcotics, without the risk of addiction and in much smaller doses. While marijuana is not devoid of side effects, the risks are far less than those of harsher prescription drugs such as codeine, hydrocodone or fentanyl.

Medical marijuana can also provide benefits that help with recovery and pain management outside of masking the pain. Cannabis helps to improve sleep habits and increases appetite. What this does, is helps patients take care of themselves with nourishment and rest.

Marijuana also utilizes different mechanics to block nerves than opiates. This works great in three ways:

      1. It gives patients who have not responded well to opiates an alternative option
      2. It can be utilized in tandem with other medications to provide an added boost
      3. As opiates and narcotics present issues with addiction, marijuana use can alleviate this heavy dependence of these more addictive drugs.

Don’t allow the stigma of cannabis or the newness of the its medical application deter you from trying this option for your pain management. Doctors are only at the precipice of cannabis ability to manage pain and treat other medical issues. And the potential is very promising.

If you are experiencing acute or chronic pain, consider the many benefits of medical marijuana in addition to or instead of your current pain management routine.

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