Marijuana’s approach to blocking pain signals to limit pain is different than other pain management solutions. This is why it is able to be used in addition to other pain medications or instead of traditional pain pills for patients that are not getting the results they need.

Marijuana Pain Relief Benefits

Medical Marijuana is a relatively new medication, it has already yielded tremendous results for its pain management benefits as well as the additional recovery benefits of better sleep and increased appetite. There are four applications that have shown the most promise:

Benefits of Marijuana for PTSD

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a condition that occurs as a result of an extremely traumatic event, or series of events, such as military combat or sexual assault.

These major events generate a change in the sufferer’s brain chemistry that can affect aspects such as the body’s natural production of certain compounds that control brain function and nerve stability.

What medical cannabis can do is take the place of this natural chemical (anandamide), of which PTSD sufferers are deficient in, in order to calm down the hyper activity that leads to flashbacks, avoidant behaviors and insomnia.

Marijuana for Terminal Cancer Patients

As cancer is a very comprehensive and serious disease, it requires a comprehensive approach. With over 85 cannabinoids (leafly), Cannabis provides a plethora of chemical benefits for patients suffering from any type of cancer. Benefits of marijuana for cancer patients include:

  • Improved mood – Greatly underestimated is the importance of attitude and how it can motivate the body to fight during times of trauma or illness.
  • Better sleep – Sleep is vital to recovery and maintaining a healthy, normal life.
  • Increased appetite – Helps to replenish the body with the nutrients it needs to recover.
  • Nausea relief – Helps cancer patients cope with the nausea that comes from chemotherapy that is unpleasant to deal with and also makes it difficult to eat.
  • Pain management – Affects mood and mobility to promote a more pleasant life.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Certain cancer patients have experienced a decrease in cell growth (erratic cell growth being the primary side effect of cancer).

How Cannabis Benefits Parkinson Patients

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological disorder in which patients have less neuron inhibitors to protect and stop certain brain functions that trigger spasms and movements. Medical marijuana provides PD patients with a sufficient level of inhibitors and in doing so, slow down, and in some cases stop, Parkinson’s tremors. This not only provides a great deal of mental, physical and emotional relief for patients to feel in control of their body once again, but it also protects these nerves from being damaged by the hyperactivity of this movement disorder. You can see the inspiring story of one PD patient and the effects that medical cannabis have on his symptoms here.

Marijuana for HIV Relief

HIV is an immunodeficiency disorder that severely compromises the patient’s immune system. For the longest time, the only treatment available for HIV and AIDS sufferers is a cocktail of pills that only work to slow down the effects of the disorder.

Cannabis gives HIV and AIDS sufferers a more promising alternative to tangling with a dozen pills everyday. With just a small dose of marijuana, patients are able to eat better, sleep more regularly and most importantly feel happy. Living with HIV provides few opportunities for relief from feeling ill or anxious. Cannabis provides patients with a much needed respite from feeling sick, which is an immeasurable benefit to handling terminable and near-terminable diseases.

From acute pain to chronic conditions, marijuana has provided promising results with relatively minimal research and support. As this highly effective medical drug gains further legitimacy, doctors will be able to glean further insights into its pain management applications as well as have more specific strains of marijuana to manage different types of pain and illnesses. To get ahead of your pain, contact All-Pro Orthopedics for the latest in pain management solutions.