Shoulder Arthroscopy Yields Good Results

Since the 1970s-- ancient times in orthopedic medicine-- arthroscopy has been used to examine and repair various shoulder injuries, from adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) to rotator cuff tears.

Knee Surgery

It’s no longer necessary to tolerate knees that ache or prevent you from doing the activity you love, whether it’s cycling, gardening, golf, driving, or simply standing or walking.

Shoulder Surgery

Most of us take our shoulders for granted until one is injured. Only then are we aware of how effortlessly we usually perform certain tasks, from brushing hair to lifting a sack of groceries.

Spine Surgery

While most spinal surgeries are procedurally successful in their attempts to fuse, replace, manipulate and adjust the spine, not all surgeries are successful in treating pain. This is why it is imperative to choose the right orthopedic surgeon for your life altering surgery.

Torn Meniscus Knee Surgery

In orthopedics, there is a syndrome called the Unhappy Triad. This is a triple insult (injury) to the knee consisting of a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) and Meniscus, which is a band of tough fibrocartilage that overlays the tibial bones.

Pinning Hip Bones in Place for Faster Recovery

Mechanical intervention with hardware such as screws, plates or rods may speed healing and keep patients active after hip surgery.

Hardware Removal

After its original objective has been achieved, surgical hardware such as pins, plates, screws or rods may cause discomfort or stiffness. In this case, it is possible to surgically remove the hardware without damaging tissues.

Trigger Finger Treatment

Trigger finger may sound cute but the joke quickly wears thin for the person whose finger is stuck in a bent position.